Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Paris Hilton man mistrust

Paris Hilton will never trust a man again after her ex released their homemade sex video.

The socialite's former love Rick Salomon made a fortune after releasing X-rated tape 'One Night in Paris' - which features the couple having full and oral sex - after they split.Paris admits she still finds the betrayal difficult to stomach.She told Britain's Guardian newspaper: "I haven't seen it. He's a pig. He's disgusting. That was the most horrible thing somebody could do to you. I was just very young and I really loved him and I was a stupid little girl. So I've learned a lot from my mistakes."It was rumoured that Paris was invoolved in making the tape public to make herself more famous and split the profits.But Paris has denied the claims, saying: "I didn't receive one dollar. I was going to sue but that meant I'd be in court for a whole year. So I said, 'I've just got to take this as a lesson in life. Don't ever trust anyone again like that, move on, and just forget about it'.'"After the video became public, Paris started her own reality Tv show 'The Simple Life' and launched herself as a brand, now earning over $6 million a year.

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