Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Meet the fake Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton has called her reality TV show 'The Simple Life' fake and claimed it reveals nothing of her real personality.

The heir of the Hilton hotel fortune stars in the series with former best friend Nicole Richie, the daughter of '80s singer Lionel Richie.

"'Simple Life' is a reality show and people might assume it's real," claimed Hilton.

"But it's fake. All reality shows are fake basically. When you have a camera on you, you are not going to act yourself.

"So before I started the show I thought I'd make a character like the movies. 'Legally Blonde' and 'Clueless' mixed together, with a rich girl all-in-one," explained Hilton, who is currently promoting her debut album.

"Even my voice is different from me in real life. It's a character I like to play. I think it's carefree and happy.

The public think they know me but they really don't."

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