Sunday, July 23, 2006

Hilton denies hacking Lohan’s blackberry

Washington, July 23: Paris Hilton who has allegedly been accused by Lindsay Lohan’s publicist Leslie Sloane Zelnik of hacking into Lohan’s personal Blackberry and sending out harassing messages to her buddy list, called such claims as absolutely ‘silly’.

"A mysterious troublemaker sent disgusting and very mean messages that everyone thought were coming from Lindsay. They weren`t. We now have her lawyers looking into it. Some people think Paris may have been involved because the wording of the messages sounds very familiar", Zap2it quoted Zelnik, as saying. But Hilton who has already gone through the ‘hacking business’ when her private info from her Sidekick was leaked onto the Internet in 2004, called the accusations as absolutely ‘silly’ and erroneous.

"I`m saddened this happened to Lindsay. I lived through this with Paris two years ago when her Sidekick was hacked into, and the loss of privacy is unbearable. But as for any suggestion that Paris would have anything to do with this, that is silly, untrue and unfortunate", Hilton`s rep Elliot Mintz said. Since a sample of the text wasn`t released, it`s not certain if these messages are similar to the things Hilton has said to Lohan in the past.

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