Saturday, October 22, 2005

Nicole Richie vs. Paris Hilton

Exactly what round is this in the battle royal that pits the 'Simple Life" battle of Nicole Richie vs. Paris Hilton? At this point - does anyone care? The pair split sometime about two years ago and the rift continues according to Nicole.

People Magazine reports that now Richie is addressing the rift.

"We really haven't been friends in probably about two years," says Richie in a new interview with Jane magazine.

According to the Simple Life star, the duo's friendship actually failed some time ago, but she's still mum about what caused the falling out.

"I know that Paris loves to talk about it and that stuff, but that's just not my style," says Richie.

So is there a chance of a reconciliation? "No not at this point," she tells the magazine.

The cause of the rift has been reported to be because Nic set up a viewing on "1 Night in Paris" for a group at some sort of party, and that upset the dog-toting socialite.

With the Fox Reality series the pair stars in cancelled, or on hold, or whatever - does it really matter?

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