Friday, September 29, 2006

Hilton's Drunk-Driving Arraignment Postponed

Paris Hilton's arraignment on drunk-driving charges has been postponed until December at the request of her attorney.

The singer/socialite was originally scheduled to be arraigned on Thursday on charges she was driving under the influence with a blood-alcohol level of at least 0.08 percent.

According to city attorney spokesman Nick Velasquez, it's not unusual for a first court date to be postponed to a later time.

The arraignment is now scheduled for December 5 in Los Angeles Superior Court. Hilton is not required to appear.
The 25-year-old was arrested on September 7 after leaving a Hollywood party and driving to In-N-Out for a hamburger.
If convicted, she could be sentenced to six months in jail and fined $1,000.

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