Friday, September 08, 2006

Paris Hilton arrested for drunken driving

Celebrity Paris Hilton was arrested in Hollywood early today on suspicion of drink driving, but her publicist says she'd only had one drink.

Los Angeles police pulled the hotel heiress over and tested her for intoxication after seeing her drive erratically, Los Angeles police officer Robert Andreno told Reuters.
"She was arrested so, yes, she failed the sobriety test," said Andreno.
Los Angeles police spokeswoman Marjan Mobasser said Hilton was stopped by traffic officers in the Hollywood area around 1am.

Hilton, the 25-year-old heiress to the Hilton hotel and real estate dynasty, has achieved celebrity through saturation media coverage of her hard-partying lifestyle and a growing number of television appearances.
Her publicist Elliot Mintz, who picked up his client from the police station, said Hilton was affected more than usual by the one drink she had because it was "one drink on an empty stomach after a full day's work".
"It's the absolute minimum amount of alcohol in your system that would justify an arrest," he told reporters.
Mintz said Hilton's day started at 4.30am for the second day of a music video shoot for new album Paris. In the evening, she went to a charity event in Hollywood and had a drink without eating dinner, Mintz said.
He said Kimberly Stewart, the daughter of rocker Rod Stewart, was in Hilton's Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren sports car when she was pulled over.

Mintz said Hilton regretted the arrest but had not decided if she would contest the allegation until she spoke with her lawyers.
Hilton is best known for her hit reality show The Simpl
e Life and for a sex video that showed up on the internet.

Earlier this year a judge ordered Hilton to stay away from a Los Angeles party planner who accused her of bombarding him with angry phone calls, shoving him and threatening his life.
Hilton's arrest follows the highly publicised case of actor Mel Gibson, who ignited a furor in July when he embarked on an anti-Semitic rant when he was stopped for speeding.
Gibson was placed on probation for three years last month after pleaded no contest to a drink driving charge.

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