Monday, October 02, 2006

Nick Carter Prefers Sleeping With "Normal Girls" Not Paris Hilton

Los Angeles, CA (BANG) - With the debut of his new show "House of Carters" on E! this month, Nick Carter is speaking out about his love life for the first time in a long time.

He may sometimes come across as arrogant, but Nick Carter is just a down-to-earth, sensitive guy - or at least that's what he would like you to believe - who says he would rather date a "normal girl" than a celebrity.

The former Backstreet Boys star - who has dated a string of stars including Paris Hilton - says the best sex he ever had was with his first love, Debbie LeFave.
Nick, 26, told shock-jock Howard Stern, "Maybe that's just because it was my first. Actually a lot of the girls I've just had the best sex with or best anything with have been just normal girls."

The singer dated 23-year-old LeFave while they were at school together but the pair broke up after she allegedly cheated on him with a girl. Former teacher LeFave hit the headlines again recently when she was sent to jail for 18 months after sleeping with a 13-year-old student.

Meanwhile, Nick also revealed how his former lover Paris would blow hot and cold.
He revealed, "In the very beginning, you know, she was literally cleaning my carpet in my apartment trying to act all domesticated. And then, before you know it, a month or two goes by and it's back to the old nose up in the air and who are you?"

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