Thursday, June 29, 2006

A HILTON Hotel employee was left red-faced after refusing heiress Paris Hilton a discount on a room.
The socialite - great-granddaughter of the hotel chain's founder - agreed to take part in a radio show wind-up by phoning the Glasgow Hilton to reserve a room.

Asking if she could have a discount on her room rate, The Simple Life star was told by the reservations clerk he'd given her the best rate available.
The prank was aired on the Real Radio Breakfast Show this morning.
During the call, Paris was asked by reservations clerk Kevin whether she had a corporate rate at the hotel.

She was offered a standard queen room for £170 but asked if she could have a discount.
The sexy star was told by the employee: "There is no discount I can initiate, I’m afraid."
When she said: "Yes you can", he replied: "That is the cheapest rate I have available to me."
Paris then informed the clerk that she will get her manager to call back.
Real Radio breakfast show host Robin Galloway said: "I didn’t think Paris would be up for doing the wind-up, but she was a great sport and even thought the guy in reservations at the hotel was way too serious.
"She was a lovely girl and really opened up to us."

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