Friday, May 19, 2006

Lindsay Lohan Revenge on Paris Hilton

Gets Cozy with Stavros

Lindsay Lohan was slammed with extreme prejudice by oil heir Brandon Davis while his pal Paris Hilton laughed it up along side him early this week in Los Angeles.
Lindsay Lohan Under Attack
In a R-Rated tirade against La Lohan about the nicest thing Davis said about the 'Just My Luck' star was that she was only worth about $7 million dollars.
Of course he sneered when he said it, but it was better than his other ugly comments.
So what was Lindsay doing at the time - getting cozy with Hilton ex Stavros Niarchos according to two New York newspapers.
A little revenge?

The NY Daily News has this item:
No wonder Paris Hilton is hissing at Lindsay Lohan. The "Just My Luck" star has been stepping out all week with Hilton's ex, Stavros Niarchos. The two partied Tuesday until 3 a.m. at Bungalow 8, then headed (with friends) back to the shipping heir's pad.
The NY Post has it this way:
But Lohan found a unique way to exact revenge upon her former friend Hilton at Bungalow 8 early yesterday morning. She was spotted making out with Paris' ex-boyfriend, Stavros Niarchos, when she wasn't hanging out with Barton and pirate-costumed fashion designer John Galliano. Take that, Paris!

TMZ broke the story and has the video here.
They also have a statement from Paris' publicist, Elliot Mintz as he tries some damage control.
The web site reports that Mintz gave the following statement to TMZ:
"The only thing I want to underscore is the person making the statements was not Paris Hilton," he says, "It is unfair to characterize Brandon's statements as being reflective of Paris' feelings about Lindsay. We're dealing with two different people. It was Brandon who was speaking, of course there are moments when Paris was laughing, but she never said anything. Brandon was speaking for himself not for her. Personally," he adds, "I found the incident unnecessary."

It was a disgusting display.

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