Monday, May 22, 2006

Exclusive! Paris Hilton on

Dear friends, Paris Hilton is enter in the community of, we found the Real Profile of Paris where is possible send private message and send public comments on profile more view the favourites video of Paris (sorry but sexy videos is not present ;-)

PHilton's Profile

Age: 25 Gender: Female Bel-Air US

direct url to profile:

More About Me

u know
Name: Paris Hilton
Videos Watched: 73
Profile Viewed: 218
Last Login: 3 months ago
Member Since: 3 months ago
Personal Website: http://right,%20dude%20u%20gotta%20be%20kidding/
Schools: i said no thanks
Occupation: no thanks
Companies: some
Hometown: Beverly Hills
Current City: Bel-Air
Interests & Hobbies: shopping and clubbin.....
Favorite Movies & Shows: mine
Favorite Music: mine
Favorite Books: mine


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