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Rick Salomon's interview by

Late last year, Rick Salomon's three-minute home movie of himself pleasuring (and being pleasured by) celebutante Paris Hilton became the Internet must-see. The leaked excerpt of Salomon pounding Hilton and Hilton fellating Salomon was perhaps the most spectacularly pulse-quickening sequence of night-vision photography since Jodie Foster was stalked by Buffalo Bill in The Silence of the Lambs. However, Hilton and Salomon's grainy clip is nothing compared to the entire 37-minute video that Salomon has just made available for PC users to download from the website The first half, shot in that famous green night-vision cinematography, shows Hilton, then 19, and Salomon, then 32, in May 2001 mugging for the camera in Salomon's bedroom and assuming half the positions of the Kama Sutra. A second, more graphic segment, shot in a Los Angeles hotel suite in glorious color, depicts Hilton as the wild party girl she's reputed to be.

When news of the pornos circulated last November, the heiress, now 23, initially denied their existence and called her ex-boyfriend Salomon, "a complete liar and a scumbag" in New York magazine. When the tapes leaked onto the Internet, though, there were suits, countersuits and even third-party suits. Salomon was married to actress Shannen Doherty when the tapes surfaced, but their marriage has since been annulled. Now a free agent, the hyperkinetic Salomon finally answers the important questions about the sex tape scandal for Is Paris good in bed? Who else has Rick filmed? And who is this "fucking Fred" whose cell phone interrupts their lovemaking on the video? Why did you wait three years after it was taped to release the video?

Rick Salomon: Paris wasn't that giant of a star. I thought she was known in L.A. and New York and Miami, and I didn't think it was that big of a deal. I didn't think it was going to change my life. Now all these bad things are happening. I'm done with Shannen, my kids are always going to know their dad is in this sex tape. I'm walking around and people either love me or hate me.

PB:: If it's so bad, why did you release it at all?

RS: I released the tape because everybody already thought I released the tape. Everywhere I go, everybody thinks I did it. I didn't release this tape. I'm going to be the sex tape guy for the rest of my life, so I might as well be the rich sex tape guy.

PB: So, is Paris good in bed?

RS: Paris was pretty fun in bed. She is an enjoyable, really fun girl. Not the best girlfriend, but definitely a really fun girl to hang out with. If she were a man, she'd be the number one stud in the world.

PB: On the infamous night-vision tape, Paris interrupts your lovemaking to answer her cell phone. Who is "fucking Fred," the guy who's calling?

RS: Fred Torres is David LaChapelle's producer.

PB: Does Paris have a favorite position or sexual act?

RS: You want dirty details on Paris? Paris likes to be eaten out. That's her favorite thing, buddy. There you go.

PB: How long were you guys together?

RS: I was with Paris for a couple years. We were never in an exclusive relationship.

PB:: How did your relationship end?

RS: I got married, and we were still good friends. Then there was some drama between her and Shannen, and it stopped. Paris...she doesn't want to be with you, but she wants you to be miserable. She's like that type of girl. There was tons of drama that those two got into, so I had to cut her out of my life.

PB:: Is your ex-wife Shannen Doherty good in bed?

RS: Shannen's fun for sure. I can't really go too crazy on that, but she's a real fun girl.

PB:: Who's the hottest trust fund girl out there?

RS: You got me name-dropping over here. Who would I like to...? That little Amanda Hearst is pretty darn cute, right? [Laughs]

PB: If we were going to put together a poll of the hottest celebutantes out there, who would you like to see on it?

RS: I don't know if I should answer, because then I'm not going to get a chance to hit any of them. I'm going to have a hard time now as it is.

PB: Will there eventually be more girls on the site?

RS: I'm going to have some girls, probably. This isn't a one-hit wonder. This is going to be giant.

PB: Do you have more tapes?

RS: I do have some more tapes, and I don't know if anybody's gonna get to see them, but I got some good tapes for sure. I got a nice little library.

PB: How do you get a girl to let you videotape her?

RS: Girls are pretty into it. I've even had some girls who knew about this tape want me to film them. They love it.

PB: When was the last time you saw Paris?

RS: I saw her last month at Sundance.

PB: Did you watch Paris on The Simple Life?

RS: I didn't watch it till about a week ago, then I bought the DVD and I did watch it. My porno is like The Simple Life sex tape. It's got the same feel. If you like The Simple Life, you'll love [Laughs]

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