Thursday, February 16, 2006

Paris Hilton To Be The Next Big Supermodel

British fashion designer Julien McDonald has named rich socialite Paris Hilton as a future supermodel.

Hilton stunned crowds when she modelled for McDonald at London fashion week on Tuesday.He is now her biggest fan, he said: "She was incredible! She went beyond my expectations. She was absolutely amazing. She is a Hollywood star. She came from the other side of the world to model in my show tonight.

"I think people should be honoured to see her walk down the runway. She is such a young and beautiful woman."Women aspire to be like Paris, because she is young and exciting and she is not afraid to do what she wants to do. I am very happy - over the moon that she modelled for me tonight.

"Hilton returned the compliment by revealing she had already chosen McDonald to design her wedding dress when she needs one.McDonald added: When she decides to get married I am going to make her wedding dress."You know its every girl's dream is to be married, to find a man that you love and to wear your wedding dress. Of course everyone wants a designer wedding dress; this is my interpretation of a perfect wedding dress for a young beautiful woman like Paris Hilton.

"Some girls have al the luck…"

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